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Dipl.-Ing. (aer) Max Schneider

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

3D Data processing

C++, Matlab

„One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.“

(Elbert Hubbard)

What I am looking for:

Your position fits perfectly to my expectations if it can be described as following....

  • nice and friendly team
  • Working with cutting edge technology
  • freedom to find own solutions
  • Great variety of tasks

Why I fit to this position

I am a very friendly and kind person. So I will perfectly fit into a friendly team.

I am fascinated by new technology and especially by  ComputerVision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

I actively work on computervision, 3D Data processing and artificial intelligence for 5 years now. I read everything related to robotics and data mining.

  • July 2015: Founding Advermento
  • September 2014: Founding TGU roomplan.
  • 2008 – July 2014: Studying Aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Finished with a diploma thesis about 3D data recording. Specialization in
    • Control theory
    • ComputerVision
  • Until 2008: Abitur in the subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and German

You can download my CV here:



My experiences

C/C++, Matlab


OpenCV and PCL


Project Tango & Kinect


Linux, Android and Nvidia Cuda programming


My work until now

short overview about different projects. Have a look into the blog for more detailed descriptions.

Founder and software developer at roomplan (09.2014 - 08.2015)

In september 2014 I started founding the company roomplan (www.roomplan.de). roomplans goal was to revolutionize the way how architects measure rooms and create CAD models. The roomplan technology was based on my diploma thesis. We used the Kinect sensor and the Google Project Tango 3D tablet for data acquisition.

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Founder and software developer at Advermento (06.2015 - 12.2015)

In July 2015 I started founding the company Advermento (www.Advermento.de). Advermento has developed robots which can write letters, postcards and more with a real fountain pen ``by hand``. The robot handwriting can not be distinguished from human handwriting. Personally I developped the software and defined the business strategy.

read more (coming soon)

Diploma thesis - 3D indoor model creation using kinect (01.2014 - 06.2014)

In my thesis at the Institute for Photogrammetrics I developed a system to record 3D pointclouds and meshes of big indoor areas with the kinect sensor by improving PCL functions like KinfuLargeScale.

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Prefinal thesis: Image Feature Tracking onboard UAVs (01.2013-12.2013)

At the Institute for flightmechanics and control, I developed a system for uav onboard visual feature tracking. The system enabled a small uav to use visual navigation after loosing the GPS signal.

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Working student at Bosch Corporate research (04.2012 - 09.2013)

For 18 month I worked at Bosch in Corporate Research. One task was to speed up feature calculation for image classification. The classification was done by random forests and I extracted image features using NVidia Cuda to get massive speedups in calculation. Additionaly I was doing research how the classification could be optimized.

Working student at Institute for Flight Mechanics and control (04.2011 - 03.2012)

For one year I was programming new features for an existing uav ground control station. My main tasks where to integrate offline maps into the software, enable live communication using an Xbee and improve the user experience.

Internship at EADS (Airbus) - Cassidian (10.2010 - 03.2011)

In this 6 month internship I worked on training artificial neural networks for automatic object detection. My tasks did also include to add improvements to the existing training process and select new image features that were presented to the networks.

Working student at Institute for technical optics (11.2009 - 09.2010)

I worked two times at this institute. First time my tasks where to speed up existing image processing algorithms using cuda and the next time I helped developping a high performance raytracing simulater also using Nvidia Cuda.

Privat work on artificial neural networks

In my freetime i liked to test existing algorithms for artificial intelligence. I experimented and succeeded with OCR using self developped perceptrons, convolutional neural networks and neural networks inspired by the work of Jeff Hawkins (Numenta)

work experience

With my work at roomplan, my studies, different internships, in my time as a working student and while working on personal projects, I collected following experience


years C++


years 3D Data Processing


years Matlab

years machine learning

years machine learning


years Computer Vision

year Project Tango

year Project Tango


short excerpts from testimonials and letters of recommendation.

Dr. Peter Knappe
Dr. Peter Knappe
EADS Cassidian - Abteilungsleiter MEA54

"6 month internship in automatic object detection and recognition. This is an excerpt of my letter of recommondation for the "EADS Juniors Programme: "Max Schneider had a good knowledge about artificial neural networks and programming in C++. Therefore he could work independently on his tasks and fullfilled them to our highest satisfaction.""

Dr. Tobias Haist
Dr. Tobias Haist
Institut for technical Optics / University of Stuttgart

"12 month HiWi job for Nvidia-Cuda programming: Max Schneider showed a lot of initiative, ambition and worked always independently and higly motivated. We got him to know as a student who was capable to adopt to very complex tasks in short time. He fullfilled all his tasks to our best satisfaction. His relation to colleagues and supervisors was always excellent."

Dr. Michael Klar
Dr. Michael Klar
Robert Bosch - Corporate Research CR/APA2

"18 month working student in automatic image classification using NVidia Cuda and Random forests: Max Schneiders achievements were freqiently above expectations in the following areas: Efficiency, Quality, Commitment, Cooperation."

you can find the full testimonials here (german)


my latest work

Private work in machine learning

by Max Schneider Aug 10, 2015 10

How I found my way into machine learning and AI

Object Detection in indoor environments

by Max Schneider Jul 29, 2015 1

Betreung der Bachelorarbeit von Philipp Schneider zum Thema: Automatische Erkennung von Gebäudeinfrastrukturelementen mit dem Project Tango.

roomplan – CAD models of indoor environments

by Max Schneider Sep 1, 2014 9

In September 2014 I started founding the roomplan company. roomplans goal is to revolutionize the process of creating CAD models of indoor spaces.

Diploma thesis – 3D models of indoor spaces with Kinect v2

by Max Schneider Jun 14, 2014 20

In my diploma thesis I worked on a system to record 3D models of indoor environments using the Kinect v2, PCL and OpenCV

prefinal thesis – Image Feature Tracking onboard of UAVs

by Max Schneider Jan 1, 2014 8254

Developing a system for onboard image feature tracking for a small UAV at the IFR University Stuttgart


Work is not everything.

There is a life after it …


20 years of soccer carrer. Always fun and always defender. My clubs where: Spvgg Besigheim, FV Löchgau and SV Vaihingen. I played in Landesliga and in the regional youth election.

Selfe defence

For more than two years I practise Krav Maga at the Krav Maga Union in Stuttgart and around. It's perfect to relax after too much time at the computer.

Find out what Krav Maga is ...

My music

in the evening I like to listen to music like ``la belle mixtape``, ``the sound you need`` and artists like Kygo and Robin Schulz.

listen to it ...

Riding my KTM Duke 690

There is nothing better than a short ride through the black forest with my little baby.

Riding bike

At least once a year I go to the alps for riding my bike. My favourite spot is Leogang in Austria.


feel free to contact me….


+49 151 16598050




Max Schneider
Kupferstraße 25
70565 Stuttgart